Tamil Nadu Small Industries Development Corporation Limited was established in the year 1970 as a Government of Tamil Nadu undertaking to promote and provide assistance to Micro Small and Medium Enterprises in the State.

SIDCO has been performing the functions of maintenance of 41 Government Industrial Estates and 86 Industrial Estates established on its own, thus maintaining totally 127 Industrial Estates all over in Tamil Nadu.

Activities of SIDCO:

* Establishment and maintenance of Industrial Estates.
* Distribution of Raw Materials.
* Marketing Assistance.
* Promotion of Private Clusters and Common Facility Centres.
* Enabling the access of MSMEs towards Technology, Inputs, Best Practices, Capital and Markets.


"To forge sustainable partnerships with the MSMEs for enhancing their Competitiveness"

Application Dashboard

Time Limit prescribed as per the Public Service Guarantee Act 60 Days
Total Number of Applications Received(In Nos) 2167
Total Number of Applications Approved(In Nos) 939
Total Number of Applications Not Considered(In Nos) 858
Total Number of Applications under Scrutiny(In Nos) 370

Time taken for processing Applications

Average time taken to process Applications 25 Days
Minimum time taken to process Applications 30 Days
Maximum time taken to process Applications 45 Days
Last Updated Date and Time : 25-09-2023 21:06:34